Charli Cohen: #DoingItAnyway Series




Every month Charli Cohen focuses on one inspiring individual, who’s living their life to the full and giving Multitasking a capital M. For all you girls and guys who, even though it’s hard or scary or a huge undertaking, are Doing It Anyway


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Doing it with: Sophie Everard

Charlie Cohen asked asked Sophie about the best adventure she’s ever had…

Sophie: “I feel lucky in that it’s hard to choose one, I’ve had so many epic ones! Making my way through a forest at night in the middle of a hardcore blizzard to get down the mountain, to finally make it to the clearing and snowboard down the most insane powder field ever stands out, as does a heart-racing 5 day trip on some pretty shonky high speed boats in the middle of nowhere with my best friend in the San Blas islands in Panama, bunking down with the local Kuna tribes and embracing some serious Robinson Crusoe vibes was epic, and surfing with my best friends in Costa Rica as the sun sets, scoring amazing waves will always be some of my best memories.”

Doing it with: Adrienne


In the very first of the series, Charli Cohen’s favourite superstar supermum writer + fitness ninja @adriennetmm gives us a peek into her world ⚡️